Vox Technology Park was the place in Timisoara that has turned into the point of interest for those interested in the stages of building or purchasing dwellings. This is the CUIB Event at its third edition.

Over 400 non-professionals interested in real estate, architects and design professionals attended CUIB last week. There were two sections: Build Up that addressed people who wanted to find out the latest news in the construction or acquisition of real estate and Level Up – dedicated to professionals in the field.

As a novelty, this year, at Level Up conferences dedicated to specialists, the theme was Product Design and was supported by Mihnea Ghilduş, product designer, entrepreneur, graphic designer, recognized as one of the best-known specialists in his field and the designer Alexandru Bunii, renowned for the product design of the spectacular jewelry in the Tiffany & co showcases.

The CUIB event, which took place for two days at Vox Technology Park in Timisoara, aimed at increasing the quality of the real estate market. We have started with the idea of informing the client so that he knows everything when buying a home, from construction to finish. We had a section dedicated to architecture – Level Up – and a section for creativity, originality Build Up – where we had various speakers, university professors, and architects as well, “said Gigi Nacev, representative of Tempini, one of the organizers of the event.

Within CUIB was presented the most daring real estate project in Timisoara: Vox Vertical Village, an investment of 14 million euros. The project is unique on the residential market in Romania and involves the development of dwellings in a building whose spindle is completely free, thus creating a generous atrium, similar to the central spot in a traditional locality. Vox Vertical Village will include premium facilities (outdoor swimming pool, cinema and a fully equipped fitness room). Each home will be equipped with state-of-the-art intelligent systems and the project will also have a “vertical forest” made up of over 1,000 shrubs and other types of plants.

Dorin Stefan – one of the most important Romanian architects, was also present at CUIB.

Speakers: Hamid Nicola Katrib (architect), Stefan Lazar (designer), Mariana Nicolae (Casa Lux), Valentin Oltean (designer), Sava Mina (architect), Rares Bradeanu (specialist), Eduard Man (architect) Stefania Tiplea (designer), Mihnea Ghildus (designer), Anamaria Giurgiu (architect), Antonia Sandru (designer), Anca Cristurean (designer), Liana Martin (specialist), Bogdan zaha (architect), Adrian Gleja Kallos (specialist), Alexandru Bunii (designer), Corina Grund (specialist), Valentin Popescu (specialist), Anca Sandru Tomaszewski (architect), Titi Cladovan (specialist), Sorin Roznovan (architect), Mihaela Modol Bianca Luca (architect), Cristian Serban (designer), Luiza Varga (designer), Mihaela Dosei (designer) and Vlad Gaivoronschi (specialist), Bristena Nistor (specialist), Ioan Sandru Rohan architect).

Next CUIB Edition will take place in 2020, in Bucharest.

The most modern conference rooms in Timisoara will be at Vox Technology Park (article from

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The most modern conference rooms in Timisoara will be at Vox Technology Park (article from

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