Colliers: Life at the office can determine the company’s organizational culture

“We have noticed an increased focus on the quality of time spent in the office. It is a double effort, from the employers regarding the hours spent by their employees within the office on one side, as well as from the renters of the office buildings regarding the overall experience of a person during an entire working day within the building and the adjacent outdoor spaces. Therefore, the role of a property manager goes beyond providing a merely functional building: he is now expected to offer the experience that allows the birth of a community within that project”, declared Oana Adjudeanu, Property Management Director, Colliers International Romania.

At the beginning of 2018, real estate consultancy company Colliers International has been chosen for the administration of Vox Technology Park office building in Timișoara. That means property management complete services, from managing the relations with the tenants, to operational supervising, financial services and reports for the owners.

“Vox Technology Park, Timișoara is one of the projects that redefine employees’ experience at the office. For instance, Movie Day takes place on Fridays, other days of the week have been assigned for software trainings for programmers in the ground floor cafe, and during summertime the place hosted shootings for “Faci sau Taci” movie, directed by Iura Luncașu. Besides the specific activities, communication with tenants is defined by a warm, funny tone, using various images to promote a happy life, as it is to be expected in a healthy organizational culture”, adds Oana Adjudeanu.

“All the initiatives have the purpose of creating an authentic community around the office building projects, just as it happens around the residential places. It is engraved in the human nature to crave for connection with those with whom we share the physical space and we see more often that the communities within office buildings start to make a direct and relevant influence in the organizational culture of the companies in that building”, Adjudeanu concluded.

Vox Technology Park has been finished in the beginning of 2018 and it offers a rentable surface of 26.600 m². It has been developed by the Vox Property Group and the investment was of 30 million euro. The project is defined by unique features, such as the app that generates QR codes for facial or print recognition in order to make biometric identification for building access.  The employees have designated facilities, such as storing and showers for those who use bicycles, food court, gym, shopping and services areas. Among the current Vox Technology Park tenants are: Recensio Nobilis, Data Group, Puppet Labs, Kilometro Zero, Saima Group, Nis Petrol and Le Manoir.

“This is more than an office building. It is an entire lifestyle. It is cool and innovative”, says Vlad Vela, Vox Property Group general manager. „Timişoara is developing like München in terms of salaries- which is good for the employees, but- on a short and medium period, this will make some of the companies to postpone their investments due to the lack of good employees and the employee retention will become a hot topic”.

Recently, the project has been awarded within the Public Constructions Architecture section of the National Architecture Biennial. It is the first real estate project of this size that receives the highest award from the Romanian Architects Union (UAR). It is also the first project in Timisoara to receive the Excellent level of certification for sustainable buildings from BREEAM Interim (85,59% is the highest score ever achieved in Romania so far).

Colliers International portfolio also includes building offices such as The Landmark, The Bridge – faza I, Phoenix Tower și Construdava, Art Business Center (Ponderas Academic Hospital), Hermes Business Campus, Green Court, Ethos House, Polonă 68, Allianz Office Building Brașov and Ștefan cel Mare Building, as well as three industrial parks in Timișoara, Brașov and Arad.

Old entry doors, tractors and fishing boats become furniture in a exclusive exhibition by mömax & Vox Technology Park