The owner of Vox Technology Park office building from Timisoara started an intensive campaign of implementing prevention measures, meant for the returning of the tenants, after the end of the State of Emergency on May 15th.
The company will purchase two thermal body scanners in the following week, which will be installed in each of the lobby entrances of the building, thus measuring the temperature of the employees and visitors
Cleaning and air filtration devices (nebulizers) will be installed in the conference rooms, also antiseptic rugs, paper dispensers in the bathrooms, and disinfectant dispensers with sensors. All traffic circuits in the building will be also redesigned, including the elevator access.

Vox Property Group, the developer and owner of Vox Technology Park office building launched a comprehensive campaign meant to implement preventive and security measures, taking into consideration the returning of the tenants, along with the ending of the national State of Emergency on May 15th .

The office is a component of our day to day life and it is our duty to implement all the necessary measures to ensure that the activity is carried out in complete safety. We have thus taken a whole series of decisions
that we will implement in the coming days and we hope that they will become the norm in the modern office buildings, in this difficult times we’re all going through.

stated Vlad Vela, general manager of Vox Property Group, the developer and owner of Vox Technology Park.
Thus, the company will purchase in the following days two thermal body scanners, which will be installed in each of the lobby entrances of the project, measuring employees’ and visitor’s temperature through an
automated method, both entering and exiting the building. This safety measure will also lead to savings for the tenants, both financially and in time, which will no longer need to individually measure the temperature of
employees and visitors.
The building’s owner will also disinfect the HVAC system and will install cleaning and air filtrations devices (nebulizers) in conference rooms. The company will constantly disinfect all surfaces, will install antiseptic rugs and nano-septic foils for the protections of bars and handles and will install disinfectant dispensers.

Also, in the bathrooms old air blower devices will be replaced by new sensor paper towel dispensers. All the traffic circuits within the building will be redesigned. The employees and visitors will thus enter and
exit the office spaces and the building through different access ways. Distancing measures will be implemented also regarding the elevator access – it will be restricted to two persons, from a normal capacity
of 10 to 15 people. All visitors will be handed face masks and gloves.
The company will also provide all the necessary support to all the tenants in order to properly re-arrange the office desks. Also, individual guidelines will be handed out, and tenants will receive support for installing desks protective materials, including plexiglass walls where desired, and any decision regarding additional safety measures will receive counseling.

The company implemented a unique service, named Vox Assistance, in benefit of all employees, free of charge, during the State of Emergency, from shopping assistance services (regardless of the products,
retailers or distance), courier services or transport to medical institutions. This service can be accessed through a dispatcher, the trips to the retailers being undertaken with one of the six electric cars that the
building has.

”Even if they may seem complicated at this point, we must all get used to these measures in the following period, without becoming hyper-protective. These are the best measures we can take for the safety of our
tenants and employees, including our own – all our offices are in the same building. We’ve been innovating since the design of the building and we will continue to do so, constantly improving the office of the future”,

added Virgil Tornoreanu, managing partner of Vox Property Group.
Vox Technology Park has a leasable surface of 26,600 square meters and was opened after an investment of 30 million Euros. The projects offer unique facilities, such as the possibility of biometric identification
through an app that generates a QR code after facial or fingerprint recognition, and competitive advantages for employees, such as dedicated spaces and showers for cyclists, food court, gym, commercial and service
spaces. The project also received the final BREEAM green certification with Excellent rating and an overall score of 86.7%, one the highest ever obtained by a real estate project in Romania.
The project’s developer also started, at the end of 2018, the development of Vox Vertical Village residential project, located in the near vicinity of the office project. Vox Vertical Village represents a premiere concept
on the Romanian market, being the first ‘vertical village’ developed on the local market. The project is due to be delivered at the beginning of 2020 after an investment of 14 million Euros. Over 1,000 trees and plants are to
be planted on the terraces and interior spaces within the project.

Vox Technology Park obtains the first BREEAM In-Use Outstanding v6 Certification, the highest existent score accorded on a global level