Over 100 employees from several multinational companies in Timișoara participated on Sunday, September 29, 2019, in a different team building: ORCHESTRATE

People who did not know each other until this event experienced what it means to play on a musical instrument or in a choir although, perhaps, most of them have never been in such a situation.

“Trained” to perform together, the participants lived a unique experience where they discovered what team spirit means, cooperation, synergy effect, becoming, for a short time, the main actors who can support a concert like a big orchestra (from where and the name of the team building ORCHESTRATE) at the Flight Festival in Timisoara.

Flight Festival Timisoara 2019 is focused on offering a festival experience outside of urban spaces and represents a fusion of music, art, and technology meant to provide the public with a special and unique experience.

The special thing about this event was the choice of locations for the activities: one of the most modern buildings in Timișoara and … the aircraft hangar within the Cioca Timișoara Aerodrome!

How was the entire Orchestrate experience received by the participants?
A word that comes off as a general reaction: Incredible!

Erika Baumann – “… a lot of positive energy from the participants. For us, Orchestrate is a collective effort of musicians and amateurs who have chosen to go beyond their limits and learn something new, in an extremely short time.

The initiative of Flight Festival organizers was really unique and we are glad we had the opportunity to be part of their project.”

Carmen Rusmir – “What an experience! Congratulations to my colleagues! ”

Florida Miter – “It was impressive and inventive!”

Ștefan Moldovan – “An incredible experience!”

Marius Zaharean – “Unforgettable!”

Teodora Iosifoni – “It was an exceptional experience!”

Raluca Ioana Zgîrcea – “It was very beautiful! We are thankful to those who gave us the opportunity to get involved in this project!

Raluca Andrada Marcu – “It was a great experience, beyond expectations!”

Valentina Kelemen – “It was a dream!”

Cătălin Niță – “Yes, it was something unique! Thank you for everything!”

Roxana Vlas – “A real madness, a unique, impressive experience! That is how I can describe what I have been living with people I have only known for two hours. I want to be part of this project again next year ”

Dorina Popa – “I would try this again anytime!

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